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IMPAC II Introduction

Link for authorized users: IMPAC II Home page

IMPAC II (Information for Management, Planning, Analysis, and Coordination) is the successor to NIH's original IMPAC information management system. Designed by ROW Sciences under the supervision of the Office of Extramural Research and with input from Joint Application (JAD) groups including managers and users, IMPAC II has the flexibility to serve many purposes and to be easily upgraded. IMPAC II is integrated with the NIH eRA Commons to ensure a smooth, secure, two-way flow of information between NIH and the external research community.

IMPAC II consists of an Oracle relational database management system with modules (programs) for specific business functions as well as cross-cutting modules and query tools. Its firewalls and user access controls ensure the security of confidential grant, contract, and personal data. NIH staff and authorized users from other U.S. Government agencies involved in health research have access to IMPAC II on a need-to-know basis. All IMPAC II modules are operational. They will be undergoing an update according to the priorities established by the eRA Project Management Team.

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