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Report to Nation Finds Declines in Cancer Incidence, Death Rates

High Dose Chemotherapy Prolongs Survival for Leukemia

Prostate Cancer Study Shows No Benefit for Selenium, Vitamin E

The Nation's Investment in Cancer Research FY 2009

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A collection of material about proteomics, the study of proteins inside cells, and how such study is shedding new light on cancer.
General Information
Cancer Prevention
Cancer prevention information from the National Cancer Institute, including prevention information for specific cancers.

Cancer Genetics
NCI's gateway for information about cancer genetics.

Cancer Causes and Risk Factors
Information about behaviors, exposures, and other factors that can influence the risk of cancer.
Specific Cancers
Breast Cancer: Prevention, Genetics, Causes

Cervical Cancer: Prevention, Genetics, Causes

Colon and Rectal Cancer: Prevention, Genetics, Causes

Endometrial Cancer: Prevention, Genetics, Causes

Esophageal Cancer: Prevention, Genetics, Causes

Head and Neck Cancer: Prevention, Genetics, Causes

Lung Cancer: Prevention, Genetics, Causes

Ovarian Cancer: Prevention, Genetics, Causes

Prostate Cancer: Prevention, Genetics, Causes

Skin Cancer: Prevention, Genetics, Causes

Stomach (Gastric) Cancer: Prevention, Genetics, Causes
Tobacco Information
Smoking Home Page
Free help to quit smoking, plus information on smoking and cancer, secondhand smoke, cigarettes and other tobacco products, tobacco research, and statistics.

Smokeless Tobacco
NCI's gateway for information about chewing tobacco and snuff.
Energy Balance Information
Energy Balance: Weight and Obesity, Physical Activity, Diet
Information from NCI and other agencies about healthy weight, diet, physical activity, and obesity and the research aimed at understanding their relationship to cancer.

Down Home Healthy Cooking: Recipes and tips for healthy cooking
Cookbook that presents traditional soul food recipes with a healthy twist. Developed for African Americans who are at higher risk from diet-related chronic diseases . Full of simple tips for tasty and nutritious dishes.

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