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The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA)

caBIG: The Power of Connection

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Understanding Cancer
Planning for Progress: Snapshots

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A to Z List of Cancers

Understanding Cancer Series

Human and Economic Burden of Cancer
Thousands of people are diagnosed with cancer every year and many will die of the disease. Cancer affects physical, emotional, and social health and areas of life from family and education to work and financial circumstances. Billions of dollars are spent taking care of people with cancer.

Your Investment in Cancer Research
Since 1990, cancer death rates in the U.S. have dropped each year. Much of the advancement is due to cancer research. Each year NCI funds more than 1,500 research studies with humans (called clinical research studies or clinical trials). Search the NCI Funded Research Portfolio to find where your investment in cancer research is going.

Budget and Research Priorities
NCI's budget has been flat since 2004, resulting in a 21% decline in purchasing power when taking inflation into account. This financial situation has resulted in reduced funding for researchers who are investigating promising ways to prevent, detect, and treat cancer.

Future success in reducing and managing cancer in the U.S. rests on our ability to work together to address disease in an integrated fashion. This includes coordination of basic science, translational and clinical research, and healthcare delivery using new technologies and information management to speed progress.

Legislation and Testimony
NCI experts are often asked to testify on a wide range of cancer-related topics in Congress. Their testimony as well as information about proposed legislation that would impact cancer care in the U.S. is made available to members of the community.

Real People, Real Stories
People who participate in cancer research are more than just patients, healthcare providers, or scientists. They are real people with full lives who give their time and energy to make life better for others.

Guide for Transition Teams

The Future of Cancer Research

"When we speak about the future of cancer research, it's important to understand what's at stake, particularly given everything
John E. Niederhuber, M.D., Director, NCI
we have achieved over the past several decades."
John E. Niederhuber, M.D., Director, NCI

NCI Research Coding and Reporting

NCI's process for coding cancer research data helps fulfill its strong commitment to making its research transparent and understandable.

NCI Cancer Bulletin: Get the latest cancer research news from NCI

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