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SEER*Rx - Interactive Antineoplastic Drugs Database
Version 1.2.0 released September 14, 2007

SEER*Rx was developed as a one-step lookup for coding oncology drug and regimen treatment categories in cancer registries. The program is free and can be downloaded from this site. The databases are scheduled to be updated annually.

The information in this database is effective for cancer diagnoses made on January 1, 2005 and after. Review and recoding of drugs from previous years is not required or recommended.

Release Notes

SEER*Rx was updated on September 14, 2007. Information from 2,367 NCI-listed clinical trials, 2,191 drug indications listed in's Oncology Drugs under development, NCI's drug information summaries and orphan drug lists, two separate lists of current chemotherapy regimens, and 32 unduplicated inquiries/comments from users from September 2006 through August 2007 was reviewed and incorporated into the updated database.

From this research 83 new drugs and 57 regimens were added. Some of the new drugs are "Do not code" to help people who encounter a new drug name in a clinical trial recognize that that particular drug is not a cancer-directed treatment. Most of these drugs are in Phase I or Phase II clinical trials in selected U.S. medical facilities. There are now over 1700 drugs and over 840 regimens in SEER*Rx.

In addition, at least 50 drugs were updated with new indications, new names or brand names, FDA approvals, orphan drug status, clinical trials status or other supplemental information.

Two drugs will change category in the update. These changes will be effective with 2008 diagnoses.

  • Ispinesib, in Phase I clinical trials for several types of leukemia and myelodysplastic syndrome. Previously listed as an immunotherapy monoclonal antibody, Ispinesib has been shown to have antimitotic activity and will be coded as chemotherapy.
  • Emcyt or Estramustine phosphate sodium, used for advanced carcinoma of the prostate. There were inadvertently two entries in the drug data base for this drug, as pointed out by a user. One entry was for Emcyt as a generic name, listing it as a chemotherapy agent, the other was for Estramustine phosphate sodium as the generic name with Emcyt as a brand name, listing it as a cytotoxic hormone. The two entries have been combined and assigned to chemotherapy as an antimicrotubule agent. Emcyt does have some hormonal properties, but its cytotoxicity is its principal feature.
  • It is not necessary to review or recode cases where these drugs have been coded in the past.

Download SEER*Rx Version 1.2.0

Download the installation program for SEER*Rx 1.2.0 [srx_setup_1_2_0.exe].

All revisions made for the current release of the software are listed in ReadMe.txt.

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For questions about missing or new drugs or regimens, or problems downloading the program, please send an email to

For information about state-of-the-art drugs and regimens by primary site and stage, visit the National Cancer Institute's Physician Data Query Web site.

For more information about how various types of drugs work against cancer, visit the SEER Training Website.