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Welcome to the SEER Inquiry System (SINQ). SINQ is a collection of questions that cancer registrars have had while coding cancer cases. Click Search to look for specific questions or to select questions for a Report.
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20081141 MP/H Rules--Lung: How do we interpret 'spiculated opacities?' How many primaries do we abstract for this patient? Please see discussion. Final Jan 07 2009
20081139 Date Multiple Tumors--Prostate: For a prostate biopsy done 10/20/08, both lobes involved with tumor, unknown how many tumors, what would be coded in date of multiple tumors? Final Jan 07 2009
20081136 CS Extension--Corpus uteri: Can a suspicious cytology be used to code extension? See discussion for case description. Final Jan 05 2009
20081135 MP/H Rules--Lung: Per rule M8, tumors of the same site (left lung), same histology (NSCC), greater than 3 yrs apart are separate primaries. However, there was a recurrence to mediastinal LNs after 2 years. Would that make a difference as to whether the 2008 left lung carcinoma is reportable as a new primary or not? Please see discussion. Final Dec 03 2008
20081134 MP/H Rules--Breast: For tubulolobular carcinoma, do we use 8522? Please see discussion. Final Jan 05 2009
20081133 MP/H Rules--Breast: What histology code is used for lobular carcinoma, pleomorphic type? Final Jan 05 2009
20081132 MP/H Rules--Breast: What is the histology code for a breast tumor that is ductal ca with focal squamous differentiation? Please see discussion. Final Jan 05 2009
20081131 MP/H Rules--Colon: What histology would you assign to a single tumor with the histology 'well differentiated mucinous cystadenocarcinoma in a villous adenoma confined to the appendix'? Does rule H4 apply to this diagnosis or should we continue on in the rules to H14 and code the higher histology? Final Jan 02 2009
20081130 MP/H Rules--Breast: What histology code is used for lobular with focal ductal features? Do we ignore the focal features and code as lobular or do we use the combination code for duct and lobular? Final Jan 02 2009
20081127 Histology--Thyroid: How would the histology "micropapillary carcinoma" of the thyroid be coded for cases dx'd 2007 and after? Final Dec 03 2008
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