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Electronic Streamlined Non-competing Award Process (eSNAP)

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What is the purpose?

eSNAP at NIHOne of the features of the Streamlined Non-competing Award Process (SNAP) is the ability to submit a streamlined annual progress report. eSNAP provides the ability for eligible grantee institutions to electronically submit SNAP progress reports through the eRA Commons. It also tests a few business process changes that are available only to the electronic process.

Institutions can become eligible to use eSNAP by completing the appropriate steps in the Institutional Profile in the eRA Commons.

NIH is the only agency that uses the eSNAP concept as currently designed in the Commons.

What are the features of eSNAP?

What are the benefits?

Who can use the eSNAP module?

To access eSNAP via Commons, the grantee institution must be registered in Commons. Then within the Institutional Profile, an authorized official can enable their institutions by clicking on “Enable” for the “eSNAP Institution Self Registration” field on the Basic Institution Information tab. They will be required to review and agree to the features that are different between the electronic submission and paper submission processes. Institutional participation is for an entire institution. It cannot be enabled for just a few components. Once an institution is eSNAP enabled, the function is available for all grants awarded under the SNAP authorities. Institutional officials may also disable eSNAP usage for their institution at the same place within the Institutional Profile.

This page last reviewed: January 23, 2009