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1742 - Transfer, Withdrawal And Destruction Of Records At The Washington National Records Center
Provides instructions and illustrations for preparing records to be transferred, retrieved, or authorized for destruction.

Electronic forms (SF-135 "Records Transmittal and Receipt")

1743 - NIH Records Control Schedule
Provides records retention and disposal authority.

1744 - NIH Vital Records Program
Provides guidance on the vital records program.

"Click here to view the ELP White Paper - NIH Vital Records Program"

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

36 CFR 1220 - Federal Records; General

36 CFR 1222 - Creation and Maintenance of Records; Adequate and Proper Documentation

36 CFR 1228 - Disposition of Federal Records

36 CFR 1230 - Micrographics Records Management

36 CFR 1232 - Audiovisual Records Management

36 CFR 1234 - Electronic Records Management

36 CFR 1236 - Management of Vital Records

36 CFR 1238 - Program Assistance



Last updated on: 3/12/2007

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