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The NLM Personal Health Record (PHR)

This project aims to help individuals who are caring for their elderly parent(s) and/or young children. This early version of the NLM PHR supports entry and tracking of key measurements and test results, prescriptions, problems and immunizations. It also will produce digital and paper copies of its contents in various formats. The current version gives access to MedlinePlus information resources about prescriptions and (soon) ailments through one click on the name of recorded medication or ailment. The PHR has logic that can remind the care giver about preventive care interventions that are due (e.g. it is time for the annual flu shot, or ask your doctor about use of cholesterol lowering drugs in patients with high cholesterol). The current system attaches codes to the medications, observations, and problems it carries. These codes come from terminologies supported by NLM and designated as national standards by HHS. The automatic inclusion of these codes within the NLM PHR will facilitate automatic downloading of clinical information to the PHR in future versions of the system.