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National Institutes of Health

FY 2009 Funding Strategy for Research Grants: Interim Policy during the Continuing Resolution

The NIH currently is operating at FY 2008 funding levels by means of a Continuing Resolution. During the time of the Continuing Resolution, NIMH will issue non-competing research grant awards at a level below that indicated on the most recent Notice of Award (generally up to 90 percent of the previously committed level). This is consistent with our practice during other recent Continuing Resolutions and the recent notice issued by the NIH (NOT-OD-09-002). This policy does not apply to Fs, Ts, Ks, and SBIR/STTRs.

NIMH looks forward to upward adjustments to previously committed levels, should funds allow, after the final appropriation is enacted. The Continuing Resolution could continue until March 6, 2009 awaiting a new Congress and new administration.

So what does this mean for NIMH funding of new and competing grants in FY 2009during the Continuing Resolution?

Although NIMH has no final FY 2009 budget at this time, NIMH plans to continue our FY 2008 funding policy of considering grants below the 20th percentile, with priority based on: 1) Institute’s strategic plan and division priorities, 2) balance in the existing research portfolio, 3) new investigator status, and 4) availability of funds.

Please check this site again following the approval on the FY2009 NIH Appropriation.