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Cancer Family Registries for Breast and Colon Cancer

Facilitate and support interdisciplinary and population-based research on the identification and characterization of breast and colon cancer susceptibility genes, with particular emphasis on gene-gene and gene-environment interaction research. Available from the registries are :

  • Family history, epidemiologic, molecular, and clinical data
  • Updates on cancer recurrence, morbidity and mortality in participating families
  • Biospecimens, including plasma, lymphocytes, serum, DNA, Guthrie cards or buccal smears, and paraffin blocks of tumor tissue (planned: fresh-frozen tumor tissue)

Web Site:
Epidemiology and Genetics Research Program

After review of proposal. Not available to for-profit/commercial institutions. Investigators must have their own sources of research funding. Please contact Dr. Seminara for scientific questions and Dr. Burgio to apply to use CFR resources.

Charges for specimen processing and shipping vary depending upon nature of request

Dr. Michael Burgio, 301-594-3424;
Dr. Daniela Seminara, 301-594-7347;

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