NINDS Staff Listing by Organization

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The following table provides names and contact information for NINDS executives, administrative staff, program directors, and principal investigators.

Office of the Director (OD)
Name   Official Title   Bldg/Room   Phone   Fax
Story C. Landis, Ph.D.   Director, NINDS   31/8A52   301-496-9746   301-496-0296
Walter J. Koroshetz, M.D.   Deputy Director, NINDS   31/8A52   301-496-3167   301-496-0296
Audrey S. Penn, M.D.   Special Advisor to the Director, NINDS   NSC/2101   301-496-1726   301-594-5929
Joellen Harper Austin   Associate Director for Management and Executive Officer   31/8A52   301-496-4697   301-496-0296
Jeffrey Domanski   Deputy Executive Officer   31/8A52   301-451-1739   301-496-0296
Alfred W. Gordon, Ph.D.   Associate Director for Minority Health and Research   NSC/2151   301-496-3102   301-594-5929
John R. Marler, M.D.   Associate Director for Clinical Trials   NSC/2216   301-496-9135   301-480-1080
Ken Frushour   Budget Officer   31/8A34   301-435-7726   301-402-6276
Paul Scott, Ph.D.   Director, Office of Science Policy and Planning   31/8A03   301-496-9271   301-480-9172
Marian Emr   Director, Office of Communications and Public Liaison   31/8A07   301-496-5924   301-402-2186
Peter Soltys   Chief Information Officer/Information Resources Management Branch Chief   Atrium/360   301-496-0387   301-402-1627
Sue Titman   Network Management Section Chief - IRMB   Atrium/360   301-496-0387   301-402-1627
Scott Prince   Web Manager   Atrium/360   301-496-0387   301-402-1627
Dawn Williams   Chief Administrative Officer, OD   31/8A24   301-435-7714   301-402-2818
Laurie Arrants   Technology Development Administrator   31/8A24   301-435-3112   301-496-0296
Lisa Reyes   Management Analyst   NSC/2216   301-496-0287   301-594-9908
Nhi Huynh   Management Analyst   NSC/3277   301-435-7716   301-594-9908
Erin Brandt   Management Analyst, Administrative Fellow   NSC/3277A   301-594-0178   301-594-9908
Andre Smith   EEO Liaison   2115EJ/BB57   301-402-0131   301-480-2240
Division of Extramural Research (DER)
Name   Official Title   Bldg/Room   Phone   Fax
Robert Finkelstein, Ph.D.   Director, Division of Extramural Research   NSC/3307   301-496-9248   301-402-4370
Emmeline Edwards, Ph.D.   Deputy Director, Division of Extramural Research   NSC/3305   301-496-9248   301-402-4370
Stephen J. Korn, Ph.D.   Director of Training and Career Development   NSC/2186   301-496-4188   301-480-1080
Alan Willard, Ph.D.   Chief, Scientific Review Branch   NSC/3201   301-496-9223   301-402-0182
Lisa Joliet   Chief, Administrative Services Branch   NSC/3231   301-496-6731   301-402-4370
Kirkland Davis   Chief, Contracts Management Branch   NSC/3280   301-496-1813   301-402-4370
Tijuanna Decoster   Chief, Grants Management Branch   NSC/3258   301-496-9231   301-402-4370
Ruth Linn   Committee Management Officer   NSC/3301   301-496-9248   301-402-4370
Yuan Liu, Ph.D.   Chief, Office of International Activities   NSC/2110B   301-496-1917   301-480-2424
Division of Extramural Research Program Staff
Division of Intramural Research (DIR)
Name   Official Title   Bldg/Room   Phone   Fax
Alan Koretsky, Ph.D.   Scientific Director   36/5A05   301-435-2232   301-480-5634
Mary Kay Floeter, M.D.   Acting Clinical Director   10/5N254   301-496-1561   301-402-1007
Vacant   Director, Basic Neurosciences Program            
Rita Devine, Ph.D.   Assistant Director for Science Administration   35/GA902   301-594-9562   301-480-5634
Yang C. Fann, Ph.D.   Director, Intramural IT Program   10/5S227   301-451-5153   301-480-3563
James O'Malley, DVM, MPH, DACLAM   Animal Health Care Section   35/BC905   301-402-0068   301-402-5424
Laurie Jarvis   Chief, Administrative Officer, DIR   10/5S221   301-402-2461   301-496-2294
Laurie Arrants   Technology Development Administrator   31/8A24B   301-435-3112   301-402-2818
Peggy Rollins   Intramural Program Coordinator   35/GA908   301-435-2232   301-480-5634
Senior Investigators and Research Labs at NINDS

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