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Tips for Working with the Media


The NDEP has created many campaign tools for you to use in your community. Take the materials and tailor them by inserting your organization's name and contact information. Help spread these important messages and you can help change the way diabetes is treated.


Here are a few tips to help you work with your local media:

  • Determine your target audience. Find out which local media outlets reach that audience and would be most receptive to and interested in your story.

  • Develop a list of contacts at local media outlets and keep it current. Include local religious organizations, hospitals, community service groups, and sports leagues. Let them know that you are available, what your role is, what kind of information you can provide, and how to contact you.

  • Identify the procedures for getting event information into newspaper and calendar listings.

  • Watch for national or local events related to your topic and use them to create a story with a local angle.

  • Develop a newsworthy story idea! Make sure it is current and accurate and includes audience appeal. Here are some examples:

    - Results for a state or local diabetes study

    - "Local Celebrity" who died of diabetes

    - Local resident who has overcome many obstacles to control diabetes

    - Research grant your organization has received

    - Special diabetes-related event or guest speaker

  • Be prepared to speak with reporters and editors about your topic and all current events related to it. Be concise, accurate, and honest.

  • Find out whether your local media outlets accept public service announcements (PSAs) and sent the NDEP's PSAs. Be sure to add your organization's logo.

  • Most important, be professional, friendly, and creative!