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Tissue Arrays

NIA aged rodent tissue arrays offer high-throughput analysis of tissue histology and protein expression for the biogerontology research community. Each array includes tissue cores from multiple tissues at multiple ages on one slide. Ages are chosen to span the life from young adult to very old age. The arrays are made from ethanol-fixed tissue and can be used for all techniques for which conventional tissue sections can be used. Click on the links to see images of H&E stained punches: Liver, Cardiac Muscle, and Brain.

The NIA aged rodent tissue arrays were developed with assistance from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Tissue Array Research Program (TARP), led by Dr. Stephen Hewitt, Director. NCI TARP contains more information on tissue array construction, protocols for using arrays, and references.

  • Product Descriptions
  • Male F344BN F1 Hybrid Rat Array Grid
  • C57BL6 Array Grid
  • Tissue Array Order Form in MS Word (50K)
  • Tissue Array Order Form in Adobe PDF (55K)
  • Slides and Ordering

    Preparation and Product Description Tissue arrays are prepared in parallel from different sets of animals so that experiments can be conducted in duplicate, with each array using unique animals with a unique product number. The product descriptions page describes each array, including:

    • Strain
    • Gender
    • Ages
    • Tissues
    • Animal Identification Numbers

    The product descriptions page also provides links to the animal vital statistics documents and array layout diagram.

    Because of the differences between tissues, the tissue arrays will not all be complete for all tissues at all ages, as there is some fallout of smaller tissues towards the end of the master block. NIA does not guarantee every tissue will be present on every slide. For this reason, it is important for purchasers to indicate the most and least important tissues for their projects, allowing NIA to meet the most needs possible from each set of arrays.

    Availability and Delivery

    NIA aged rodent tissue arrays are available to investigators at academic and nonprofit research institutions that are engaged in projects directly related to aging and age-related disorders. Orders may be submitted by Fax (301-402-5997) or e-mail. All fields on the order form must be complete. Use "n/a" if a field is not applicable. Orders will be sent 1–2 weeks after order submission. The Office of Biological Resources and Resource Development (OBRRD) Order Desk sends an order confirmation via e-mail or indicates if the products are not available.

    BRB Contact Information

    For additional information about NIA's Aged Rodent Tissue Arrays or questions about ordering the tissue arrays, contact the BRB Order Desk.

    Heidi Brogdon
    Program Assistant, Order Desk

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