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LHNCBC: Audiovisual Program Development Branch
Audiovisual Program Development Branch

The Audiovisual Program Development Branch (APDB) conducts media development activities with three specific objectives. As its most significant effort, the branch participates in LHNCBC research, development, and demonstration projects with high quality video, audio, imaging, and graphics materials. From initial project concept through project implementation and final evaluation, a variety of forms and formats of visuals are developed, and staff activities include image creation, editing, enhancement, transfer and display. Included in this effort is the production of a series of video modules, reporting the progress of Lister Hill Center Research Projects. These informational and educational video reviews have been released in a variety of media, including Web delivery.

Consultation and materials development are also provided by the branch for the NLM's other information programs. With the mission requirement of the Library expanded to include effective outreach activities to the public, patients, and families, the range and quantity of support that the branch provides to these programs continues to increase. From applications of optical media technologies and teleconferencing, to support for World Wide Web distribution, the requirement for graphics, video, and audio materials has increased in quantity and diversified in format.

The third area of concentration is the engineering of technical improvements applied to media production issues such as image quality and resolution, color fidelity, transportability, storage, retrieval, and visual information compatibility and complexity. In addition to the development by the staff of new techniques and processes, the facilities and hardware infrastructure must reflect state-of-the-art standards in a very rapidly changing field. High definition video is a technology area that has been explored and developed within APDB and represents today�s standard for improved electronic, motion imaging quality. Multimedia systems, visualization and networked media are being pursued for the performance, educational, and economic advantages that they offer. Three-dimensional computer graphics, animation techniques, and photorealistic rendering methods have changed the tools and products of the artists in the branch. Digital video and image compression techniques are central to projects requiring storage of large images and rapid visual file transmission.

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