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List of Investigators

Investigators in the Division of Intramural Research and Their Research Interests.

Name Research Interests (Publications)
Adelstein, Robert S Function of cytoplasmic myosins: transgenic approaches
Arai, Andrew E New cardiovascular MRI Methods
Balaban, Robert S Imaging cellular energetics
Barrett, A. John Understanding the alloresponse in order to improve the success of allogeneic stem cell transplants for malignant diseases
Beaven, Michael A Mechanisms of mast cell activation and pharmacologic intervention
Boehm, Manfred Vascular Cell Biology
Brooks, Bernard R Structure-function studies of proteins
Burg, Maurice Responses of renal cells to high NaCl and urea
Cannon, Richard O Novel approaches to blood flow delivery to the heart in patients with coronary artery disease
Childs, Richard Tumor immunology
Chock, P. Boon Mechanistic study of free radicals/reactive oxygen species in cell signaling and disease
Chung, Jay Understanding DNA damage and inflammatory pathways
Donaldson, Julie Membrane and organelle trafficking in cellular function
Dunbar, Cynthia E Manipulation and genetic correction of stem cells
Eisenberg, Evan Molecular chaperones, trafficking and Huntington's Disease
Epstein, Neal Cardiac stem cells; molecular and biophysical study of beta myosin relative to cardiac physiology
Fales, Henry M Mass spectrometry for proteomics
Finkel, Toren Signal transduction by oxygen radicals
Geller, Herbert M Extracellular matrix and cellular motility
Gladwin, Mark  
Greene, Lois E Molecular chaperones, trafficking and Huntington's Disease
Hammer, John A Regulation of cell motility
Hwang, Paul Molecular mechanisms of atherosclerosis and mitochondrial function in the cardiovascular system
Knepper, Mark A The role of renal Na+ transporters and channels in hypertension
Knutson, Jay Robert Fluorescence techniques for protein and DNA structure; laser technology for biophysics
Korn, Edward D Myosin motors: molecular mechanisms and in vivo functions
Kotin, Robert Novel adeno-associated viral vectors for gene delivery
Kramer, Kenneth Genes and mechanisms that regulate cardiac cell induction and migration
Kruth, Howard S Mechanisms of cholesterol accumulation in atherosclerotic plaques
Lederman, Robert Interventional cardiovascular MRI; Biological therapies for myocardial, coronary artery, and peripheral artery disease
Lee, Jennifer Biophysical Studies of Protein Structure and Functio
Leonard, Warren Signal transduction in the immune systemn
Levine, Rodney L Alteration in protein function by oxidative modification
Levine, Stewart J Regulation of Lung Inflammation
Lo, Cecilia Cellular and molecular mecahanisms in the patterning of cardiovascular development
Manganiello, Vincent Biological functions of cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases
Michelson, Alan Genetics and Genomics of Drosophila
Moss, Joel Clinical and molecular approaches to lung diseases
Mukouyama, Yoh-suke Mechanisms of vasculogenesis
Murphy, Tish Mechanisms of cardioprotection
Nabel, Elizabeth Vascular Biology
Neuman, Keir SINGLE MOLECULE BIOPHYSICS: Manipulation and visualization of single DNA molecules
Nirenberg, Marshall Transcriptional control of early neural development
Pastor, Richard The application of computer simulations and statistical mechanics to biophysics, with emphasis on membranes.
Peterkofsky, Alan Functional topology of proteins
Pohl, Lance Molecular and cellular basis of adverse drug reactions
Puertollano, Rosa Elucidation of interactions between the intracellular trafficking machinery and viral and cellular proteins
Raghuram, Viswanathan Regulation of ion channel function
Rodgers, Griffin Molecular and cellular bases of selected congenital and acquired hematological disorders
Sack, Michael N Molecular regulation of mitochondrial function promoting enhanced resistance to cellular stress
Sellers, James R Molecular mechanisms of intracellular motility
Sloand, Elaine Genomic instability in bone marrow failure and myelodysplasia
Stadtman, Thressa Antioxidant properties of selenium
Tjandra, Nico Biophysical analysis of protein structure
Tisdale, John F Hematopoietic stem cells
Vaughan, Martha GTPases in cell signaling and vesicular trafficking: structure, function, and regulation
Waterman, Clare Understanding fundamental mechanisms of cell motility
Wen, Han Non-invasive imaging of human heart function
Wiestner, Adrian Pathogenesis and treatment of lymphoid malignancies
Young, Neal S Clinical and molecular approaches to aplastic anemia
Zhao, Keji Molecular biology of lymphocyte activation

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