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November 8-9, 2004
AIDS Malignancy Clinical Trial Consortium  (U01)(NOT-CA-05-009, published)
July 12, 2004
Cancer Nanotechnology Platform Development (R01)(RFA-CA-05-026, published)
Multidisciplinary Career Development (F32, F33)(RFA-CA-05-025, published)
Centers of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence (U54)(RFA-CA-05-024, published)
June 24-25, 2004
Planning Grant for Minority Institution/Cancer Center Collaboration  (P20)(RFA-CA-05-020, published)
Cooperative Planning Grant for Minority Institution/Cancer Center Partnership (U56)(RFA-CA-05-022, published)
Comprehensive Minority Institution/Cancer Center Partnership  (U54)(RFA-CA-05-021, published)
March 15-16, 2004
Patient Navigation Research Program  (U56)(RFA-CA-05-019, published)
Circulating Cells in Cancer Detection (SBIR/STTR)(RFA-CA-06-001, published)
November 13-14, 2003
Support for Human Specimen Banking in NCI-Supported Cancer Clinical Trials  (U24)(RFA-CA-05-017, published)
Reducing Barriers in Symptom Management and Palliative Care  (R01, R21)(RFA-CA-05-013, published)
Transdisciplinary Research on Energetic and Cancer (TREC) Centers (RFA-CA-05-010 [U54 mechanism], published)  (RFA-CA-05-011 [U01 mechanism], published)
The NCI Career Development Award for Quantitative Scientists(RFA-CA-04-016, published)
Community Networks to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities Through Education, Research and Training  (U01)(RFA-CA-05-012, published)
June 26-27, 2003
Cancer Intervention and Surveillance Modeling Network (CISNET) (U01)(RFA-CA-05-018, published)
Innovative Technologies for the Molecular Analysis of Cancer
(RFA-CA-05-006, published, SBIR/STTR)(RFA-CA-05-002, published, R21, R33)
Applications of Emerging Technologies for Cancer Research (RFA-CA-05-007, published, SBIR/STTR)(RFA-CA-05-003, published, R21, R33)
Innovations in Cancer Sample Preparation
(RFA-CA-05-004, published, SBIR/STTR)(RFA-CA-05-004, published, R21, R21/R33, R33)
Integrative Cancer Biology Programs (P50, P20)(RFA-CA-04-013, published)
Strategic Partnering to Evaluate Cancer Signatures (U01)(RFA-CA-04-015, published)
Transdisciplinary Tobacco Use Research Centers  (P50)(RFA-CA-04-012, published)
Small Animal Imaging Resource Programs (R24)(RFA-CA-04-011, published)
March 3-4, 2003
Academic Public Private Partnership Program (AP4)(U54)(NOT-CA-04-015, published)
Community Clinical Oncology Program (RFA-CA-04-008, published)
Minority-Based Community Clinical Oncology Program (RFA-CA-04-007, published)
Early Detection Research Network: (EDRN) 
(RFA-CA-04-006, published),
 (RFA-CA-05-005, published)
Planning Grant for the Academic Public Private Partnership Program (AP4)  (U56)(RFA-CA-04-005, published)
June 2002
Integrating Aging and Cancer Research in NCI Cancer Centers
Diet, DNA Methylation and Other Epigenetic Events, and Cancer Prevention (RFA-CA-03-016, published)
NCI Institutional Pre-Doctoral Research Training Partnership Award (TU2) (RFA-CA-03-017, published)
March 2002
Molecular Interactions between Tumor Cells and Bone (New RFA) (RFA-CA-03-013, published)
November 2001
Network for Translational Research in Optical Imaging (NTROI) (RFA-CA-03-002, published)
Molecular Targets for Nutrients in Prostate Cancer Prevention (RFA-CA-03-003, published)
Chemoprevention of ER Negative Cancers in Women: Preclinical Studies (RFA-CA-03-005, published)
Centers for Population Health and Cancer
June 2001
Cancer Disparities Research Partnerships Program (RFA-CA-02-002, published)
March 2001
Chemoprevention of Tobacco-Related Cancers in Former Smokers: Clinical Studies (RFA-CA-02-009, published)
Chemoprevention of Tobacco- Related Cancers in Former Smokers: Preclinical Studies (RFA-CA-02-003, published)
November 2000
Centers of Excellence in Cancer Communications Research (CECCRs) (RFA-CA-01-019, published)
Cooperative Human Tissue Network (RFA-CA-01-009, published)
Shared Resources for Scientists without NCI Funded Cancer Centers  (RFA-CA-01-020, published)
June 2000
Cancer Care Outcomes Research and Surveillance Consortium (CanCORS)  (RFA-CA-01-013, published)
Technologies for Comprehensive, Sensitive, and Quantitative Protein Analysis in Human Tumors  (RFA-CA-01-011, published)
Planning Grants for Collaborations on Nutritional Modulation of Genetic Pathways Leading to Cancer  (RFA-CA-01-015, published)
November 1999
Comprehensive Minority Institution Cancer Center Partnership Cooperative Planning Grants  (RFA-CA-01-008, published)
Minority Institution Cancer Center Collaborations Planning Grant
Comprehensive Minority Institution Cancer Center Partnership Cooperative Agreement
Shared Pathology Informatics Network
Database Resource for Evaluation of Image Processing Methods
June 1999
Cancer Intervention and Surveillance Modeling Network (CISNET)
Imaging Techniques for Early Prostate Cancer
Translational Research Teams: Molecular Effects at Targets
(Presented as Centers of Excellence in Interventions Directed at Molecular Targets)
Molecular Target Drug Discovery Grants
March 1999
Cooperative Prostate Cancer Tissue Resource
November 1998
Transdisciplinary Tobacco Use Research Centers
Early Detection Research Network
Director's Challenge: Toward a Molecular Classification of Tumors
Research in State and Community Tobacco Control Interventions
Molecular/Functional Imaging Centers (MFICs)
Leadership Initiative on Cancer
June 1998
Small Animal Imaging Resource Programs
Development and Application of Imaging in Therapeutic Studies
Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE) in Ovarian Cancer
Flexible System to Advance Innovative Research For Cancer Drug Discovery by Small Business (FLAIR-SBIR)
March 1998
Mouse Animal Models Consortium
Health Communications in Cancer Control
Basic Biobehavioral Research on Cancer-Related Behaviors

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