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Internet Assisted Review (IAR)

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What is the purpose?

Internet Assisted Review at NIHThe Internet Assisted Review (IAR) module is a Web-based system used in conjunction with the Peer Review module to help expedite the scientific review of grant applications by providing a standard process for reviewers to submit their critiques, preliminary scores and final scores and view grant applications and related meeting materials via the eRA Commons. The IAR module is thus used during the pre-award phase of the grant application process.

What are the features?

In addition, IAR allows review administrators and their assistants to:

What are the benefits?

IAR allows reviewers to:

Who can use the IAR module?

The review administrator of a scientific review group and its members (or reviewers), and designated review assistants.

Who has access to this module?

The IAR module is accessed by NIH staff through the Commons or through the Peer Review banner screen (IAR System log in). An IMPAC II Username and password are needed to log in.

In order to access IAR, reviewers must:

This page last reviewed: May 29, 2008