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iEdison Report Lite (ERL) (for Government Agency Use)

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What is the purpose?

Edison (ERL) allows government agencies (staff involved in the administrative management or program oversight of Federal Funding Agreements for research, development, or experimental work) to verify reports of government-funded inventions, patents, and requested utilization reports to the government agency that made the award, as required by the federal Bayh-Dole Act, its implementing regulations, and any related funding agreement terms and conditions.

What are the features?

What are the benefits?

iEdison provides a unified electronic data system that receives, stores, tracks, sorts, monitors, and, as appropriate, generates reports of inventions and patents that have been awarded extramural grant or contract funding. New technology now provides the following:

Who can use the iEdison module?

Internal users (Government users)

The application is limited to authorized users. Grantee and contractor organizations are permitted to access their own records after they complete an authorization process requiring user name and password and matching values in an authorization table. Additionally, information transmitted on the Internet is encrypted. Data is partitioned within the iEdison database so that each federal agency can oversee reports made under its own respective funding agreements.

This page last reviewed: May 30, 2008