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Using community indicators to assess nutrition in Arizona-Mexico border communities.
Authors: Abarca J - Ramachandran S
Journal: Preventing chronic disease
Published Date: Jan 2005
Disparities in access to fresh produce in low-income neighborhoods in Los Angeles.
Authors: Algert SJ - Agrawal A - Lewis DS
Journal: American journal of preventive medicine
Published Date: May 2006
Retail stores in poor urban neighbourhoods
Authors: Alwitt LF - Donley TD
Journal: The journal of consumer affairs
Published Date: 1997
An intervention to promote healthy weight: Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care (NAP SACC) theory and design.
Authors: Ammerman AS - Ward DS - Benjamin SE - Ball SC - Sommers JK - Molloy M - Dodds JM
Journal: Preventing chronic disease
Published Date: Jul 2007
The development of a healthy eating indicator shopping basket tool (HEISB) for use in food access studies-identification of key food items.
Authors: Anderson A - Dewar J - Marshall D - Cummins S - Taylor M - Dawson J - Sparks L
Journal: Public health nutrition
Published Date: Dec 2007
The case of Montréal's missing food deserts: evaluation of accessibility to food supermarkets.
Authors: Apparicio P - Cloutier MS - Shearmur R
Journal: International journal of health geographics
Published Date: 2007
Clustering of fast-food restaurants around schools: a novel application of spatial statistics to the study of food environments.
Authors: Austin SB - Melly SJ - Sanchez BN - Patel A - Buka S - Gortmaker SL
Journal: American journal of public health
Published Date: Sep 2005
Socio-economic inequalities in women's fruit and vegetable intakes: a multilevel study of individual, social and environmental mediators.
Authors: Ball K - Crawford D - Mishra G
Journal: Public health nutrition
Published Date: Aug 2006
The cost and availability of healthy food choices in southern Derbyshire
Authors: Barratt J
Journal: Journal of human nutrition and dietetics
Published Date: 1997
Increasing frequency of lower-fat entrees offered at school lunch: an environmental change strategy to increase healthful selections.
Authors: Bartholomew JB - Jowers EM
Journal: Journal of the American Dietetic Association
Published Date: Feb 2006
In urban areas: many of the poor still pay more for food
Authors: Bell J - Burlin BM
Journal: Journal of public policy and marketing
Published Date: 1993
Nutrition and physical activity self-assessment for child care (NAP SACC): results from a pilot intervention.
Authors: Benjamin SE - Ammerman A - Sommers J - Dodds J - Neelon B - Ward DS
Journal: Journal of nutrition education and behavior
Published Date:
Reliability and validity of a nutrition and physical activity environmental self-assessment for child care.
Authors: Benjamin SE - Neelon B - Ball SC - Bangdiwala SI - Ammerman AS - Ward DS
Journal: The international journal of behavioral nutrition and physical activity
Published Date: 2007
Impact of the Working Well Trial on the worksite smoking and nutrition environment.
Authors: Biener L - Glanz K - McLerran D - Sorensen G - Thompson B - Basen-Engquist K - Linnan L - Varnes J
Journal: Health education & behavior : the official publication of the Society for Public Health Education
Published Date: Aug 1999
A comparison of the availability and affordability of a market basket in two communities in the Chicago area.
Authors: Block D - Kouba J
Journal: Public health nutrition
Published Date: Oct 2006
Fast food, race/ethnicity, and income: a geographic analysis.
Authors: Block JP - Scribner RA - DeSalvo KB
Journal: American journal of preventive medicine
Published Date: Oct 2004
What constitutes an obesogenic environment in rural communities?
Authors: Boehmer TK - Lovegreen SL - Haire-Joshu D - Brownson RC
Journal: American journal of health promotion : AJHP
Published Date:
Applying the School Health Index to a nationally representative sample of schools.
Authors: Brener ND - Pejavara A - Barrios LC - Crossett L - Lee SM - McKenna M - Michael S - Wechsler H
Journal: The Journal of school health
Published Date: Feb 2006
Neighborhood playgrounds, fast food restaurants, and crime: relationships to overweight in low-income preschool children.
Authors: Burdette HL - Whitaker RC
Journal: Preventive medicine
Published Date: Jan 2004
Food cost and availability in a rural setting in Australia.
Authors: Burns CM - Gibbon P - Boak R - Baudinette S - Dunbar JA
Journal: Rural and remote health
Published Date:

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