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New, Updated, and Modified Files

Date Type of Change Description of Change
December 2008 New Data from the 2006-2007 TUS-CPS became available.
March 2008 New New information from the fall 2007 Users' Workshop became available.
March 2008 Updated The list of publications using TUS-CPS data was converted to a searchable database.
October 2007 New The Weighting the Overlap Sample report (PDF) became available.
October 2007 Modified Revised the technical documentation for the 2003 TUSCS-CPS (PDF) to reflect revisions to the Source & Accuracy Statement and to the skip pattern for questions F4 and F5.
June 2007 New The 2006 TUS-CPS questionnaire became available.
January 2007 Modified Data for question PEH10b is stored in a different order than the order in which the question was asked. This question was edited in the 2003 TUS-CPS Technical Documentation to reflect the order of data storage. A user note indicating the change was added to Attachment 17 of the document.
October 2006 Modified The race categories used in the 2003 survey findings tables were changed.
June 2006 Modified The variable number for question PEC6d2, and the edited universe for question PED1, which had been listed incorrectly in the 2003 TUS-CPS Technical Documentation (PDF), were corrected.
June 2006 New Data for the 2003 TUS-CPS became available.

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06 Jan 2009
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