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Outside Review and Liasion

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Outside Review & Liaison

OIG/GAO Liaison

Overview : OIG/GAO Liaison


There are approximately 40 to 50 ongoing OIG/GAO reviews of NIH Programs each year. Due to both increased funding to the NIH and a heightened interest in health issues, the number of reviews is rising. The Division of Outside Review and Liaison (DORL) provides for the central coordination of all OIG/GAO reviews performed at the NIH. DORL roles include:

  • Advocating for the needs of NIH by asking the OIG/GAO to also consider issues important to the NIH.

  • Place the OIG/GAO in contact with the correct people and make sure that everyone with a 'need to know' is aware of the review.

  • Help the OIG/GAO plan reviews.

  • Deal with issues that arise during a review.

  • Hold entrance and exit conferences.

  • Ensure that the NIH provides comments on draft reports.

  • Track the implementation of any recommendations.

OIG/GAO Liaison

The current acting OIG/GAO Liaison is Patricia Quast (301) 402-8264.

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