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Query, View and Report

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What is the purpose?

The Query/View/Report (QVR) System is a web-based tool to help federal eRA users to search and view detailed information about grant applications and awards. The QVR system integrates information from IMPAC II (database of information on extramural applications and awards), NIH Data Warehouse (database of financial obligations) and NLM's PUBMed (database of indexed journals citations and abstracts).

What are the features of QVR?

QVR is a web-based data retrieval, reporting and analysis system designed for extramural staff at the NIH as well as other HHS/federal agencies using the eRA IMPAC II system. Here are a brief summary of its features:

What are the benefits?

QVR provides integrated access to query, view, and report from multiple systems through a user-friendly interface. The QVR team uses a modern agile-development process that allows the system to respond to the needs of the user community very rapidly. A wide range of self-training tools and tutorials are available to users.

Who can use the QVR system?

The QVR system is available to all staff with IMPAC II user privileges. This includes NIH as well as other agency users. The system contains sensitive data and is protected behind an NIH firewall; therefore users need a VPN or Parachute account to access it away from a government site.

This page last reviewed: May 29, 2008