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NIH Office of Intramural Training & Education (OITE)

Building 2, second floor, 2 Center Drive MSC 0240, Bethesda MD 20892-0240
Voice:  301.496.2427 | Fax: 301.594.9606

Sharon Milgram, PhD, Director, 301.594.2053
Patricia M. Sokolove, PhD, Deputy Director, 301.402.3889  
Toni Fields, Administrative Assistant, 301.496.2555  

Postbaccalaureate and Summer Research Program
Deborah F. Cohen, Director, Postbac and Summer Program Services, 301.402.1907  
Yolanda D. Mock Hawkins, PhD, Director, NIH Academy, 301.435.8014  
Leondra Ray, Program Coordinator, NIH Academy, 301.451.6637  
Darryl M. Murray, PhD, Director, Undergraduate Scholarship Program (UGSP), 301.594.2222  
Ronnique Ward, Executive Assistant, UGSP, 301.584.3015  

Graduate Partnerships Program (GPP)
Betsey Wade, PhD, Deputy Director, GPP, 301.443.4430  
Pat Wagner, PhD, Director of Admissions & Registrar, 240.476.3619  
Caroline M. Duffy, Director of Student Services, 301.451.8268  
Shawn Mullen, Student Services Coordinator, 301.451.7420  
Adrian Warren, IRTA Program Manager, 301.402.3831  
Barbara Ward, Executive Assistant, 301.594.9605  
Kathryn Foisie, Program Coordinator, 301.594.9339  

Office of Postdoctoral Services (OPS)
Lori Conlan, PhD, Director, OPS, 301.435.7231  
Patricia A. Cole, PhD, Director, Intramural Loan Repayment Programs (ILRP), 301.402.1283  
Natalie Moses, Administrative Assistant, ILRP, 301.402.3262  

Career Services Center
Elaine M. Diggs, Career Counselor, NCC, NCCC, 301.443.9945  
Julie Gold, MSW, Leadership and Professional Development Coach, 301.594.9603  
William Higgins, PhD, Pre-professional Advisor  
Anne Kirchgessner, Career Counselor, LCPC, NCC, 301.443.8350  
Denise Saunders, PhD, Career Counselor  

Shirley C. Forehand, Director of Marketing, 301.402.2174  
Steve Alves, Website Programs Specialist, 301.402.1294  

The Office of Intramural Training & Education (OITE) is responsible for ensuring that the biomedical research experiences of trainees in the NIH Intramural Research Program (IRP) are as rewarding as possible. The NIH IRP offers programs for high school and college students, recent college graduates, graduate students, professional students, and postdoctoral and clinical fellows. OITE staff members recruit trainees to the various IRP programs, both in person, by attending professional conferences and other events, and via the OITE website, which facilitates communication between potential trainees around the world and the NIH IRP.

Research should be the highest priority for NIH trainees in the IRP; OITE aims to ensure that they also take part in relevant career development activities, learn all they can possibly learn from the scientific staff at the NIH and from their fellow trainees, and have a good time. In addition, OITE staff members are available to help trainees resolve any problems that might arise during their time at the NIH. Staff members in OITE encourage all trainees to: OITE programs complement the training activities of the NIH Institutes and Centers (ICs). OITE collaborates with the Medical Education Program to support clinical trainees and works closely with the Fellows Committee to plan activities for postdoctoral, research, and clinical fellows and with the Postbaccalaureate IRTA Committee to develop programs for trainees who are recent college graduates.

OITE is housed on the second floor of Building 2. The office maintains an open-door policy and welcomes trainees to drop by anytime.

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