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Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is a process that allows an organization to evolve/change with the ultimate goal of meeting/exceeding all of its customer’s needs. It is the realization that ongoing basic data/information is required to manage/improve an organization’s performance in order to provide ever-greater levels of value to existing and future customers. As technology/customer needs rapidly change, organizations must change with them or suffer the consequences of becoming relics.

The Management Chain

Going from Outstanding to Being the "Best" - The best organizations have learned that it is not only difficult to become the best, but to also stay the best requires continuous improvement in many areas as summarized here. Click here for .pdf or Microsoft Word format.

See the website below for additional information on a continuous improvement model and great summaries of the best business books.

Performance Management and measurement is a must if you are going to continuously improve, because how are you going to improve or manage what you don't measure?

NAPA Center Director Christopher Wye recently completed a paper for the IBM Endowment for the Business of Government. The paper, "Performance Management: A 'Start Where You Are, Use What You Have' Guide", offers practical, easy-to-understand steps that public employees can take to effectively address performance issues in their organizations.

Center for Improving Government Performance at the National Academy of Public Administration - >>NEW!

In September 1997, the National Academy of Public Administration formed the Center for Improving Government Performance and established a Performance Consortium to assist agencies in the successful implementation of the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA/Results Act) and related performance-based management initiatives. This site is dedicated to support the activities of the Academy, the Center, the Performance Consortium, and all who are interested in advancing the cause of a more responsive, accountable government.







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