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SEER*Stat Software
Latest Release: Version 6.4.4 - April 24, 2008

The SEER*Stat statistical software provides a convenient, intuitive mechanism for the analysis of SEER and other cancer-related databases. It is a powerful PC tool to view individual cancer records and to produce statistics for studying the impact of cancer on a population. SEER*Stat software is distributed with the SEER Limited-Use Data and you must have access to the data before using the software.

Visit the following sections to learn more about SEER*Stat and to access related resources:

  • Getting Started - Learn how to access the software and data, get answers to frequently asked questions, and where to go for technical support.
  • Tutorials - Follow step-by-step tutorials designed to demonstrate how to use SEER*Stat and to calculate the many statistics available.
  • Analysis Data - Find out what databases can be analyzed in SEER*Stat, and how to use your own data.
  • SEER*Stat Installation - Obtain software updates, learn how to use the auto-update feature, and access a list of technical specifications and revision history.
  • Analytic Software - Access several other software tools developed for the analysis of cancer statistics.

Statistics Calculated by SEER*Stat