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Industry Advisory Council (IAC) - Sub-Committees

Goal of NITAAC IAC Charters Committee

In conjunction and conformance with the charter of the NITAAC IAC, develop sub-committee charters that provide a focused yet flexible scope. All charters scope should be limited to financially responsible and practical programs for the sub-committees to undertake. Charters are conceptual and should provide high level guidance that encapsulates the proposed scope of activities, not detail thereof.

NITAAC IAC Marketing Sub-Committee Charter

The charter of the NITAAC IAC Marketing Sub-Committee is to promote the use of NITAAC contract vehicles to Government end users and the vendor community. This will be accomplished through the development, creation and management of programs that establish, promote, educate and communicate the brand and value of NITAAC in a cost-effective manner.

NITAAC IAC Programs Sub-Committee

The charter of the NITAAC IAC Programs Sub-Committee is to analyze, develop, field ideas and create initiatives to maximize programs and processes. These initiatives must either maintain or enhance the acceptance, use and growth of the NITAAC vehicles. Upon defining a program, the sub-committee will support the definition, recruitment and facilitation of logistics for program execution.

NITAAC IAC Government Affairs Sub-Committee Charter

The NITAAC-IAC Government Affairs Sub-Committee has been established and chartered to provide objective information and options to help NITAAC maintain currency to changing government and industry requirements that impact the procurement environment.

The activities of this sub-committee include, but are not limited to:

Arrow Monitor legislation, regulatory requirements, government and industry standards that   impact NITAAC, vendors, or their potential customer agencies;

Arrow Forecast and recommned actions in response to proposed rules/regulations;

Arrow Promote dialogue between NITAAC, industry, legislators and rule makers.


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