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2DWG - 2D World Database 2D Protein Gels

  • 2DWG - 2D World Database 2D Protein Gels

Advanced Biomedical Computing Center

  • Access to efficient, high-performance computers and technical support

Application Software by Advanced Biomedical Computing Center

  • Application Software for sequence analysis, molecular modeling, computational chemistry

Available Software

  • Information analysis of protein and nucleic acid sequence, database searches

Biological Products Laboratory Repository- HIV and SIV

  • Purified HIV and SIV concentrates (both infectious and chemically inactivated), antigen capture assay kits to quantitate HIV-1 p24 or SIV p28, and immunological reagents for use in AIDS research

CCR Research Directory

  • Directory of Center for Cancer Research (NCI Intramural Program) investigators and their research highlights

Cancer Chromosome Aberration Project (CGAP)

  • Access to clone information, search databases of cancer-associated chromosome aberrations

Computer Systems

  • Computer Systems such as Parallel Vector Processor Systems and SuperScalar Systems

Databases From the Laboratory of Experimental and Computational Biology

  • Database of proteins, protein disease, 2D protein gel images

Enhanced NCI Database Browser

  • Search over 250,000 compounds; improved output features and substructure search capabilities

Flicker Comparison of 2D Gel Images

  • Comparing 2D gel and other images across the Internet using the downloadableJava Flicker application

Genomics and Bioinformatics Software Tools

  • Genomics and Bioinformatics Software Tools

Glycobiology Resource Page

  • 3D interactive molecular visualizations of sugars, glycoconjugates, and proteins.

Hematopathology Service

  • Expert consultation on challenging hematopathology cases

Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM)

  • Collaborative research facility and training in LCM procedures

Mammalian Phosphorylation Resource (MPR)

  • Information on commercially available phospho-specific antibodies.

MicroArray Explorer (MAExplorer)

  • A downloadable microarray Java tool for data mining gene expression patterns(MAExplorer)

Molecular Diagnostic Services for HIV and SIV

  • Measurement of viral loads from SIV-infected monkey plasma, determination of HIV RNA levels in human plasma

Mouse Genomic Maps

  • Chromosome map of the mouse genome with markers, graphical displays

Neuro-Oncology Consulting Service

  • Consulting service for adult cases; clinical trial options for brain and spinal cord tumors

Primate Tumor Library

  • Serum samples and tissue slides from monkey carcinogenesis study

Protein Reviews on the Web (PROW) Database

  • Structured reviews and categorized information on proteins and their orthologs

The Open2Dprot Project

  • The Open2Dprot Project for 2-Dimensional Protein Expression Data Analysis

Tissue Array Research Program (TARP)

  • Tissue Microarrays of human tumors

Understanding Cancer Series

  • Graphic-rich tutorials for educational use by life science teachers, medical professionals, and the interested public. The self-teaching modules and graphics can be downloaded from the Web site.

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