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Division of Cancer Prevention (DCP)

Analytical Validation of Biomarkers for Early Cancer Detection and Risk Assessment

  • Resources for investigators with preliminary biomarker development data

Chemoprevention Agent Development Research Group

  • Web site and publications of efficacy and safety studies for various chemopreventive agents

Community Clinical Oncology Program (CCOP)

  • Cancer prevention protocols, information on prevention trials

Early Detection Research Network (EDRN) Program for Rapid, Independent Diagnostic Evaluation (PRIDE) for Cancer Biomarkers

  • Assistance provided in the cross-laboratory validations of biomarkers, including the development, refinements, and uses of new and existing assays, reagents, methods, and tests.

Notice of Availability of Blood Samples for Validations of Lung Cancer Biomarkers

  • Blood samples to validate blood-based biomarkers for early diagnosis of lung cancer

Rapid Access to Preventive Intervention Development (RAPID)

  • Resources for preclinical development and Phase I studies of chemopreventive agents

Specialized Statistical Software

  • Collection of downloadable programs including Cox Regression of Survey Data, Conditional Logistic Regression...

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