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Issued Notice of (Grant) Award

Report of Issued Notice of Awards - Shows awards made to your organization over a selected time period (need IPF).

Has your Notice of Award Been Issued?

NoA Issued by IPF Number
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Report will list all NoAs issued in the over the last number of days selected.

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This query will return a list of NoAs (Notice of Awards) issued to selected Organizations/IPFs over the last number of days selected. Most of these NoAs have been e-mailed but some were not. The e-mailed column of the report output indicates if the NoA was e-mailed to the grantee organization. If the column indicates "NO", the NoA will arrive by standard first class mail. Please also note that not all these awards are "new" awards. Many are revised awards that may or may not indicate changes to funding levels. This is indicated by the "NEW" or "REV" in the "NEW/REV" column of the report. The primary purpose of this query is to allow grantees to validate if they have received all the NoAs that they should have. Missing NoAs should be reported to the eRA Commons Helpdesk. The helpdesk can supply missing copies of awards that have been e-mailed. If you are missing an NoA that was mailed through US Postal Service, you must contact the NIH awarding component.

If you do not know your organizations IPF number - you can look it up on with our IPF Number Search.

If your organization does not currently receive your NoAs by e-mail you can get set up for that by first registering your organization in NIH eRA Commons. See the Commons Home Page for details.

The queries from this page are running a little slow right now. We are working to speed things up.

For technical information about this page, to report a Web problem, or to request a missing NoA contact the eRA Commons Helpdesk. For all other grant-related issues, contact your NIH awarding component or the NIH Grants Policy Office.

This page last reviewed: March 12, 2008