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The Power to Control Diabetes is in Your Hands Community Outreach Kit

This online-only resource provides information about diabetes in older adults and suggests how to promote the Power to Control campaign through educational activities, media events, and promotional campaigns.

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Ricas recetas para personas con diabetes y sus familiares. (Tasty Recipes for People with Diabetes and Their Families) Recipe booklet

This bilingual, flip-to-select language, recipe booklet has a vibrantly colored printed cover with an appealing and enticing dish that visually stimulate consumer to dive into its pages, filled with  dishes specifically designed for the Latin American palate. Recipes are beautifully and clearly printed and accompanied by their respective dish pictorial and nutritional facts table. Although easy to use, the booklet includes a section filled with related diabetes health information and resources. This is an effective, yet practical, educational promotional tool is a terrific addition to any kitchen.

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Más que comida, es vida. (It’s more than food. It’s Life.) Bilingual Poster

Más que comida, es vida. (It’s more than food. It’s Life.) nutritional campaign poster is designed to dispel misunderstandings about healthy eating and teach Hispanics/Latinos how to adopt a tasty but nutritional meal plan that maintains the cultural uniqueness of their food. This color poster can be used as a resource for dietitians, diabetes educators, and people who want to manage their diabetes without losing their cultural identity.

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Five Ways Older Adults Can Be More Physically Active*
Older adults are at an increased risk for type 2 diabetes – especially if they have a family history of the disease. Studies have shown that modest weight loss through healthy eating and increased physical activity is highly effective in preventing or delaying type 2 diabetes in people over age 60. NDEP provides five tips to help older adults be more physically active.

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NDEP Program Overview Brochure*

NDEP recently revised its program brochure, which offers a quick overview of NDEP's background, mission, and campaigns. The brochure highlights NDEP products and resources, lists Steering Committee partners, and outlines NDEP’s two campaigns - Control Your Diabetes. For Life. and Small Steps. Big Rewards. Prevent Type 2 Diabetes. - as well as ways to get involved with NDEP.

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Small Steps, Big Rewards for Families with a History of Gestational Diabetes*
Gestational diabetes affects women during pregnancy and causes a lifelong risk for diabetes. Children of women with a history of gestational diabetes are also at risk, especially if they are overweight. But families can take small steps to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.

sample of fact sheet

New & Updated Diabetes Fact Sheets
NDEP’s fact sheets now reflect the most recent diabetes statistics, including prevalence rates for high-risk groups including African Americans*, Hispanics/Latinos*, American Indians and Alaska Natives*, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders*, and a new fact sheet for older adults*. To download more diabetes fact sheets, visit NDEP’s campaign tools webpage

School Nurse News

You can now access articles developed by members of the NDEP's Diabetes in Children and Adolescents Work Group that have appeared in School Nurse News. Provided for posting on the NDEP website compliments of School Nurse News, the articles offer in-depth information for school nurses on a variety of topics related to helping students manage their diabetes in the school setting.


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