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Progress Report Search By IPF Number

Search for Pending Progress Reports - Look up a list of pending progress reports by IPF number.

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Pending Progress Report List by IPF Number
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This query will return a list of progress reports (PHS 2590 form) that are listed as "due" for a selected grantee institution. To select an institution, you must enter the complete IPF number. Please be patient, the more grants on the returned list, the longer the query takes to run. The longest list run in about a minute.
PLEASE NOTE: Some NIH Institutes have changed their due date requirements on training grants. Please contact the grants management specialists at your awarding component if you have questions regarding the progress report due date. The grants management specialist name and contact information can be found on your latest Notice of Grant Award (NGA).
If you do not know the IPF number of your institution, you can use the NIH IPF Number Search.
The returned list shows all progress reports by due date and PI name for reports due to NIH in the next four months or so. The list can also be imported easily into other programs for sorting, printing or just saving. Save the output file as an .HTM file and then open with your favorite spreadsheet or word processing program. Grants that will be going into the final year of the project period are flagged with an asterisk (*) in the column labeled "LY". Please review the NIH Grants Policy Statement for additional information concerning recompetition or closeout.
For copies of the NIH 2590 form, which is used for the submission of these progress reports, go to the NIH OER Forms Page. For information about where to mail your progress report or for other questions about this process, contact your NIH Awarding component. Contact information can be found at
For technical information about this page or to report a Web problem, contact the eRA Commons Helpdesk. For all other grant or progress report-related issues, contact your NIH awarding component or the NIH Grants Policy Office.

This page last reviewed: March 12, 2008