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Year 2008Back to top
An Effective Computerized Reminder for Contact Isolation of Patients Colonized or Infected with Resistant Organisms
Kho AN, Dexter PR, Warvel JS, Belsito AW, Commiskey M, Wilson SJ, Hui SL, McDonald CJ
ijmedinf 77 (2008) 194-198
(Abstract) (PMID: 17398145 )
Moving Towards Transparency of Clinical trials
Zarin DA, Tse T
Science. 2008 Mar 7;319(5868):1340-2
Year 2007Back to top
Issues in the Registration of Clinical Trials
Zarin DA, Ide NC, Tse T, Harlan WR, West JC, Lindberg DAB
JAMA 2007:297(19):2112-2120.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Registering a Clinical Trial in
Zarin DA, Keselman A
Chest 2007;131;909-912; Prepublished online February 15, 2007; DOI10.1378/chest.06-2450
(Abstract) (PDF)
Salvation by Registration
Drazen JM, Zarin DA
N Engl J Med 356;2
(Abstract) (PDF)
Year 2005Back to top
Trial Registration at between May and October 2005
Zarin DA, Tse T, Ide NC
New England Journal of Medicine 2005 December 29,353(26):2779-87.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Year 2004Back to top
Design, Implementation and Management of a Web-based Data Entry System for
Gillen JE, Tse T, Ide NC, McCray AT
Medinfo. 2004 Sept.;2004:1466-70.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Design of Genetics Home Reference: A New NLM Consumer Health Resource
Mitchell JA, Fun J, McCray AT
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association. 2004 Nov.;11(6):439-447.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Mapping the Gene Ontology Into the Unified Medical Language System
Lomax J, McCray AT
Comparative and Functional Genomics
(Abstract) (PDF)
Strategies for Supporting Consumer Health Information Seeking
McCray AT, Ide NC, Loane RR, Tse T
Medinfo. 2004 Sept.;2004:1152-6.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Year 2003Back to top
An Upper Level Ontology for the Biomedical Domain
McCray AT
Comp Funct Genom. 2003;4:80-4.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Biomedical Ontologies
Bodenreider O, Mitchell JA, McCray AT
Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing: World Scientific. 2003;:562-564.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Developing and Evaluating Criteria to Help Reviewers of Biomedical Informatics Manuscripts: A Case Report
Ammenwerth E, Wolff AC, Knaup P, Ulmer H, Skonetzki S, Van Bemmel JH, McCray AT, Haux R, Kulikowski C
J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2003 June.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Exploring Semantic Groups Through Visual Approaches
Bodenreider O , McCray AT
Journal of Biomedical Informatics. 2003;36(6):414-432
(Abstract) (PDF)
From Phenotype to Genotype: Issues in Navigating the Available Information Resources
Mitchell JA , McCray AT , Bodenreider O
Methods of Information in Medicine. 2003;42(5):557-563.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Informatics Research, Development, and Training at the Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications
McCray AT
Yearbook of Medical Informatics 03. Stuttgart: Schattauer Verlag. 2003;:193-203.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Language and Vocabulary Tools
Brown AC , Divita Guy , Aronson AR , McCray AT
Proc. AMIA Symposium. 2003 Nov;:.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Search Failures in Consumer Health Information Systems
McCray AT, Tse Tony
Proc. AMIA Symposium Proceedings. 2003 November; :431-434.
(Abstract) (PDF)
The Genetics Home Reference: A New NLM Consumer Health Resource
Mitchell JA , McCray AT
Proc. AMIA Symposium. 2003 Nov;:936.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Year 2002Back to top
A Conceptual Framework for the Biomedical Domain
McCray AT, Bodenreider O
The Semantics of Relationships: An Interdisciplinary Perspective. Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers. 2002;:181-198.
(Abstract) (PDF) Linking Patients to Medical Research
McCray AT
Cancer Informatics: Essential Technologies for Clinical Trials. New York: Springer Verlag. 2002;:302-307.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Evaluation of the UMLS as a Terminology and Knowledge Resource for Biomedical Informatics
Bodenreider O, Mitchell JA, McCray AT
Proc. of AMIA Annual Symposium. 2002;:61-65.
(Abstract) (PDF)
From Phenotype to Genotype: Navigating the Available Information Resources
Mitchell JA, McCray AT, Bodenreider O
Proc. of AMIA Annual Symposium. 2002;:1109.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Overcoming Impediments to Effective Health and Biomedical Digital Libraries, JCDL
Hersh WJ, Velterop J, McCray AT, Eynsenbach G, Boguski M
JCDL. 2002;: 360.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Panel on Digital Preservation, JCDL
Ray J, Dale R, Moore R, Reich V, Underwood W, McCray AT
Panel on Digital Preservation, JCDL. 2002;: 365-367.
(Abstract) (PDF)
The Lexical Properties of the Gene Ontology (GO)
McCray AT, Browne AC, Bodenreider O
Proc. of AMIA Annual Symposium. 2002;:504-508.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Year 2001Back to top
'Ome Sweet 'Omics - A Genealogical Treasury of Words
Lederberg J, McCray AT
Genealogical Treasury of Words. Scientist. 2001;15(7):8.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Aggregating UMLS Semantic Types for Reducing Conceptual Complexity
McCray AT, Burgun A, Bodenreider O
Medinfo. 2001 ;10(Pt 1):216-20.
(Abstract) (PDF) (PMID: 11604736 )
Evaluating UMLS Strings for Natural Language Processing
McCray AT, Bodenreider O, Malley JD, Browne AC
Proc AMIA Symp. 2001 ;():448-52.
(Abstract) (PDF) (PMID: 11825228 )
Principles for Digital Library Development
McCray AT, Gallagher ME
Communications of the ACM. 2001 May; 44(5): 48-54.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Year 2000Back to top
Better Access to Information About Clinical Trials
McCray AT
Ann Intern Med. 2000 Oct 17;133(8):609-14.
(Abstract) (PDF) (PMID: 11033590 )
Design and Implementation of a National Clinical Trials Registry
McCray AT, Ide NC
J Am Med Inform Assoc. ;7(3):313-23.
(Abstract) (PDF) (PMID: 10833169 )
Usability Issues in Developing a Web-Based Consumer Health Site
McCray AT, Dorfman E, Ripple A, Ide NC, Jha M, Katz DG, Loane RF, Tse T
Proc AMIA Symp. 2000 ;():556-60.
(Abstract) (PDF) (PMID: 11079945 )