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Multimedia Visualization
Years:  2008  2006  2004  2003  2002  2001
Year 2008Back to top
CBIR of Spine X-ray Images on Inter-vertebral Disc Space and Shape Profiles
Chang Y, Antani S, Lee DJ, et al
Proc. 21st IEEE International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS). Jyvaskyla, Finland. June 2008:224-9.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Year 2006Back to top
Anatomy in the Digital Age
Ackerman MJ
In: Rifkin, B.A., M.J. Ackerman, J. Folkenberg. Human Anatomy (From the Renaissance to the Digital Age), Abrams, New York, NY, 318-329, 2006.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Year 2004Back to top
Methods to Visualize Interiors of Human Colons in Volumetric Datasets
Zhang Z
MedInfo. 2004 Sept.;2004: 1931.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Year 2003Back to top
Extraction of Special Effects Caption Text Events from Digital Video
Crandall D, Antani S, Kasturi R
International Journal of Document Analysis and Recognition. 2003;5(2-3):138-57.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Graphical Visualization and Navigation of Genetic Disease Information
Bodenreider O , Mitchell JA
Proc. AMIA Symposium. 2003 Nov;:792.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Rendering an Archive in Three Dimensions
Leiman D, Twose C, Lee TY, Fletcher A, Yoo T
Proceedings of SPIE. 2003;5029.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Year 2002Back to top
Designing Effective Transfer Functions for Volume Rendering from Photographic Volumes
Ebert DS, Morris CJ, Rheingans P, Yoo TS
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics. 2002;8(2): 183-197.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Experiences in Visualizing and Navigating Biomedical Ontologies and Knowledge Bases
Bodenreider O
Proc. of the ISMB'SIG meeting; Bio-ontologies. 2002;:29-32.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Exploring Surface Characteristics with Interactive Gaussian Images (A Case Study)
Lowekamp B, Rheingans P, Yoo TS
IEEE Visualization. 2002.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Year 2001Back to top
Anatomical Modeling from Unstructured Samples Using Variational Implicit Surfaces
Yoo TS, Morse B, Subramanian KR, Rheingans P, Ackerman MJ
Medicine Meets Virtual Reality, IOS Press. 2001;:594-600.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Computer Assisted Pedicle Screw Trajectory Guidance Using Fused Deposition Modeling
Morris J, Yoo TS, Chen D, Burgess J, Richardson AC
Computer Assisted Pedicle Screw Trajectory Guidance Using Fused Deposition Modeling. 2001.
Interpolating Implicit Surfaces From Scattered Surface Data Using Compactly Supported Radial Basis Functions
Morse B, Yoo TS, Rheingans P, Chen DT, Subramanian KR
Proc. of the International Conference on Shape Modeling and Applications (SMI2001). Robert Werner, ed., IEEE Computer Society Press. 2001;:89-98.
(Abstract) (PDF)
Template Guided Intervention: Interactive Visualization and Design for Medical Fused Deposition Models
Yoo TS, Morris J, Chen DT, Burgess J, Richardson AC
Proc. of the Workshop Interactive Medical Image Visualization and Analysis (18 October 2001, Utrecht, the Netherlands Germany). 2001;:45-48.
(Abstract) (PDF)