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Budget and Funding

Updated January 30, 2009. NIH is operating under a continuing resolution through March 6, 2009. For more budget information, see the Financial Management Plan and other sections of this portal.

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Check paylines after you apply to assess the likelihood of funding.

  • NIAID Paylines. We now have interim paylines for all grants except T32, which does not have an interim payline.

See the financial management plan for grant funding and management policies.

  • Financial Management Plan. Though NIH is operating under a continuing resolution through March 6, 2009, we now have this information.

Before applying, check the PI salary cap or stipend levels for training and fellowship awards.

  • PI Salary Cap and Stipends. While we are under a continuing resolution, salary cap stays at 2008 level. Use the new level, $196,700, for future requests. No new stipends levels yet.

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