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Adolescents with Depression Not Harmed in Studies Using Placebo
January 15, 2009 • Science Update
Teens with depression who initially are randomly assigned to placebo treatment (inactive pill) during a trial are no more likely to experience harm or have a diminished response to subsequent active treatments than teens who are initially randomized to active treatment.
Impaired Brain Activity Underlies Impulsive Behaviors in Women with Bulimia
January 12, 2009 • Science Update
Women with bulimia nervosa (BN), when compared with healthy women, showed different patterns of brain activity while doing a task that required self-regulation. This abnormality may underlie binge eating and other impulsive behaviors that occur with the eating disorder.
Consortium Moves Quickly to Study Resilience Following Hurricane Ike
December 31, 2008 • Science Update
A consortium of research programs funded by NIMH to conduct post-disaster mental health research mobilized this year following hurricane Ike to study the factors that influence resilience after disasters.
NIMH Staff Honored for Work on Behalf of Returning Veterans
December 31, 2008 • Science Update
Several NIMH staff members will be awarded the 2008 Hubert H. Humphrey Award for Service to America for their work in addressing the mental health needs of returning veterans.
Three NIMH Grantees Receive White House Award
December 30, 2008 • Science Update
Three NIMH grantees were among the 67 recipients of Presidential Early Career Award in Science and Engineering (PECASE) for 2007.
NIMH Grants Focus on Innovative Autism Research
December 30, 2008 • Science Update
NIMH is committed to reducing the burden of autism and related disorders through research that can lead to methods of prevention, recovery, and cure. To accomplish this goal, the Institute recently funded nine research projects that focus on ASD.
Study Probes Environment-Triggered Genetic Changes in Schizophrenia
December 24, 2008 • Science Update
The first study of its kind to pinpoint environment-triggered genetic changes in schizophrenia has been launched with $9.8 million in funding from NIMH. The five-site study seeks telltale marks in the genome that hold clues to how nurture interacts with nature to produce the illness.
Intervention Helps Reduce Risky Sexual Behavior Among Homeless HIV-positive Adults
December 16, 2008 • Science Update
An NIMH-funded program already shown to reduce risky sexual and substance abuse behavior among HIV-infected adults also appears to be effective in improving the lives of HIV-infected homeless or near-homeless adults.
Not All Antipsychotics Created Equal: Analysis Reveals Important Differences
December 9, 2008 • Science Update
An analysis of studies on antipsychotics reveals multiple differences among the newer, second-generation antipsychotics as well as the older medications, and suggests the current classification system blurs important differences.
Caffeine No Substitute for a Nap to Enhance Memory
December 8, 2008 • Science Update
Hoping to improve your tennis serve? It’s probably better to catch a few winks than load up on java after a lesson, results of a NIMH-supported study suggest. Caffeine impaired such motor learning and verbal memory, while an afternoon nap benefited all three types of learning tested by Sara Mednick, Ph.D., and colleagues at the University of California, San Diego. The researchers report on their findings in the November issue of Behavioural Brain Research.
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