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The NIH Stem Cell Characterization Facility


Genotyping data now complete for all lines.

The NIH Stem Cell Characterization Facility is dedicated to characterizing and comparing the available federally approved human embryonic stem cell lines. Its primary aim is to establish standards for all aspects of the culture process, as well as quality control and monitoring.

Performing these assays in a single laboratory will allow a direct, side-by-side comparison of available cell lines and will facilitate comparison with adult stem cells. These data will give scientists the information they need to make an informed choice when ordering available cell lines.

Culture Protocols

Learn about the cell lines being analyzed, culture procedures, and assay protocols used by the SCU.

Analysis Results

Review the results of the SCU's analyses for genotyping, karyotyping, subcloning, and more.

Search Databases

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Searchable databases of eligible stem cell line characteristics.