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Overview of eRA Services for NIH and Grantor Agencies

The eRA IMPAC II system provides a suite of modules to manage grant administration from intake to closeout and beyond to encompass reporting.

Chart showing Services for Grantor Agencies


For grantor agencies using the eRA system, the eRA eXchange retrieves their grant applications from and runs checks on the applications to ensure they comply with appropriate policy and application guidelines. Application images are made available to applicants for viewing in the eRA Commons. Most applications are forwarded to the Receipt and Referral module, which allows the application to be assigned for review and funding consideration.

The intake and processing of submitted applications is accomplished through:

Review and Decision Making

Grantor agencies may use the following modules to support activities associated with the review of grant applications.


Grantor agencies may use the Grants Management module to award, revise, release and obligate grant awards. Customizable Checklists helps with administrative review of the application prior to award.

Post Award Management

Grantor agencies may use the following modules to facilitate post-award monitoring activities.


Grantor agencies may use these modules for a variety of services- from retrieving and analyzing data from databases such as IMPAC II (QVR) to supporting the management of research training awards (TA) to monitoring compliance with the policy on inclusion of women and minorities in clinical research (Pop Tracking).

This page last reviewed: March 12, 2008