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With workers spending more than one-third of their day on the job, employers are in a unique position to address some of the health problems that arise from diabetes. Learn how to implement worksite wellness programs to improve the lives of your employees and lower the costs of health care and missed productivity for your company.

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DiabetesAtWork Workshop Kit

This CD-ROM contains everything you need to plan a workshop for employers and business coalitions on "making the business case" and using the NDEP web site www.DiabetesAtWork.org. The CD includes ample Power Point presentations, agendas, invitation letters, evaluations and more taken from actual workshops held throughout the country. Includes many materials in Spanish as well as English. 2007. Single copies free. Each additional copy, $5.

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Diabetes Presentations

The following slides sets contain the latest information on U.S. diabetes prevalence and incidence rates, and diabetes management and prevention. They are designed to be a resource for health care professionals, diabetes educators, and students. Slides can be downloaded as an entire presentation or used individually.

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Take advantage of this easy-to-use website to assess the impact of diabetes in the workplace and get the tools to create and implement an education program to help your employees prevent and control diabetes.

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Making a Difference: The Business Community Takes on Diabetes

Find out how business leaders can become more involved in workplace and community activities to help control diabetes related complications to reduce the human and economic impact of this serious disease.

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