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Overview of eRA Services for Grant Applicants

The eRA Commons is NIH's electronic interface with the applicant/grantee, supporting the full life cycle of the grant application, from intake through closeout.

Chart showing services for grantor agencies


Applicants complete the grant application process through eRA Commons. The research community submits electronic grant applications to the federal government through The eRA system retrieves the applications from for the grantor agencies. The applicant is then responsible for checking the status of the application and assuring that the application is accepted into the eRA Commons. As eRA Commons is web-based, the application tracking can be done from virtually any location around the world.

For detailed information on submitting electronic applications, visit the

Upon completion of an applicant organization’s registration process with eRA Commons, an Institutional Profile is created that the organization subsequently maintains. All registered Commons users also maintain their own Personal Profile in the eRA Commons.

Application Tracking and Award

Applicants track the status of their submitted grant application through the Status module, a secure web interface in the eRA Commons. Through this system, applicants can monitor their applications through the submission process to assignment to study section through review to award. The functions available to a user are based on the ‘role’ associated with their eRA Commons account. In addition to the Signing Official and Principal Investigator (PI) roles, some Status functions are available through role assignment or delegation to other eRA Commons roles (see eRA Commons Roles).

Applicants may also submit Just-in-Time information through the eRA Commons requested by NIH prior to a grant award.

Reports and Closeout

Applicants can use various modules in the eRA Commons to submit required reports and interact electronically with grantor agencies to request project extensions without additional funding, etc.

Query Tool

Applicants may search for information on CRISP on funded grants for many grantor agencies using eRA services.

This page last reviewed: January 23, 2009