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Patient-centered Communication Research

Several recent reports, including NCI's Strategic Plan for Leading the Nation and the NCI-designated cancer center directors' report Accelerating Successes Against Cancer, have recognized the salience of patient-clinician communication in optimizing cancer patients' and survivors' health outcomes.

To improve the quality of cancer care, NCI's strategic plan calls for research that would assess the delivery and impact of patient-centered communication across the cancer continuum. The plan encourages the development of innovative measurement approaches and study designs to help monitor and track the success of communication efforts over the course of the patient, family, and healthcare provider experience.

The Outcomes Research Branch (ORB), in collaboration with the Health Communication and Informatics Research Branch (HCIRB), has identified the "assessment, monitoring, and improvement of the delivery of patient-centered communication between patients/family and the health care delivery team(s) across the cancer care continuum" as a key research priority. Special emphasis is on developing innovative measurement, data collection, and analytic approaches. These approaches can facilitate the longitudinal assessment of patient-centered communication processes as patients and their family members interact with multiple physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers during their journey through different phases of the cancer care continuum. ORB is also particularly interested in facilitating the understanding of the mechanisms by which patient-centered communication processes are likely to affect patient/survivor health outcomes.

ORB has supported the following research projects in the area of patient-centered communication.

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08 Jan 2008
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