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All About Grants helps investigators plan and write grant applications and manage their awards. Our advice comes from the knowledge and views of NIAID staff, including former NIH grantees. Help us improve our outreach to you by emailing

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Translated Tutorials

For more up-to-date information in English, see NIH Grant Cycle: Application to Renewal. We'll post translations of the Cycle in the next few months.

English title Translations
New Investigator Guide to NIH Funding Español, Français
Grant Application Basics Español, Français
How to Plan an Application Español, Français
How to Write an Application Español, Français
How to Manage Your Award Español, Français
How to Write an Application Involving Research Animals

Español, Français

For changes in applying for a grant, read weekly notices in the NIH Guide and articles in NIAID Funding News.



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