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About ORS

The ORS plans and directs service programs for public safety and security operations, scientific and regulatory support programs, and a wide variety of other program and employee services. The ORS advises the NIH Deputy Director for Management and other NIH senior staff on the management and delivery of technical and administrative services in support of the NIH research mission.

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Office of the Director:
Office of the Director Office of Administrative Management Office of Management Analysis and Review Office of Quality Management Office of Business Systems & Finance

Security and Emergency Response Services:
Security and Emergency Response Resources Division of Emergency Preparedness and Coordination Division of Fire and Rescue Services Division of the Fire Marshal Division of Police Division of Physical Security Management Division of Personnel Security and Access Control

Program and Employee Services:
Division of Amenities and Transportation Services Division of Library Services Division of Medical Arts Division of Mail and Courier Services Division of Scientific Equipment and Instrumentation Services Division of International Services

Scientific Resources Services:
Division of Occupational Health and Safety Division of Veterinary Resources Division of Radiation Safety

The ORS activities impact directly and indirectly organizations and people across the entire NIH including: scientific, administrative and support staff; patients and volunteers; visitors, contractors and suppliers; providers of services including public transportation and other municipal services; other federal government organizations and agencies such as regulatory agencies, state and local governments; and the surrounding neighborhood and business community.

The ORS responds to the priorities of the NIH and IC Leadership, NIH employees, patients and others served by the NIH, by supporting an exemplary physical and service infrastructure that will effectively support new scientific challenges to strengthen the NIH mission, the unique NIH research environment, and enhance the quality of life for all who come in contact with the NIH.