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The 2009 budget

Budget at a Glance

This budget consists of two components: (1) the increase required to maintain our present level of operations or “current services”, and (2) the increase required to initiate new and expand existing initiatives. The current services increase is the amount that will be required to sustain NCI programs, restore some of the funding cuts that have been implemented over the past several fiscal years, and provide for some minimal growth. Noncompeting Research Project Grants (RPGs) would be funded at committed levels, the success rate for competing RPGs would be maintained at its current rate, there would be a small growth in the number of Cancer Centers, and most other mechanisms would receive sufficient increases to cover cost of living adjustments based on the Biomedical Research and Development Price Index (BRDPI). This budget level also includes funds to make critically needed capital repairs and improvements at the NCI-Frederick Federally Funded Research and Development Center. The funds needed to initiate new and expand existing initiatives (the professional judgment budget) are add-ons to the current services level.

AT A GLANCE (dollars in thousands)
Fiscal Year 2008 Estimate $4,925,740
Current Services Increase 334,638
Subtotal 5,260,378

Fiscal Year 2009 Additional Resources
Increase Success Rate for Research Project Grants 65,000
Basic and Translational Science for Personalized Medicine 289,902
Linking Science and Technology 209,600
Reaching all Communities 72,100
Prevention and Early Detection 131,406
Subtotal 768,008



* Does not include the NCI contribution to the NIH Roadmap.

Fiscal Year 2009 National Cancer Institute
Professional Judgment Budget Request

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