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Status of Cancer Surveillance in Minority and Underserved Populations

In 1999, two meetings were held on work in progress to address improving databases concerning cancer in ethnic minorities and the medically underserved. The purpose of the first meeting was to identify the specific cancer data gaps by examining what data are being collected on these populations, how these data are collected, and who is collecting it. The second meeting provided an overview of the state-of-science of cancer surveillance, and discussed questions concerning improving surveillance among population groups defined by sociodemongraphic and socioeconomic attributes such as race, ethnicity, place of residence, economic status and class, and culture.

The meeting reports are provided below in PDF format.

Report of the Data Working Group Meeting (PDF)
September 25-26, 1999
Washington, DC

Report of the Ad Hoc Working Group on Cancer Surveillance and Data Systems (PDF)
November 14-15, 1999
Houston, TX

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28 Jul 2006
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