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Guidelines for Developing Manuscripts

The BCSC has developed guidelines for successfully creating and publishing collaborative scientific papers (PDF) for its own use. These guidelines describe procedures for facilitating efficient manuscript development and submission for publication.

Requirements for Using BCSC Data for Publication

  1. Collaborate with designated members of the SCC in data analyses.
  2. Acknowledge BCSC for their contributions to the manuscript.
  3. Submit final draft of abstract or manuscript to the Steering Committee or designee(s) for approval before submission for peer review. If the author group includes an NCI scientist, clearance from NCI must also be obtained before the manuscript is submitted for peer review. This review process usually will be completed within 2-4 weeks.

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Manuscript Acknowledgements

Acknowledging the Funding Source

Manuscripts that used pooled data must cite the following grant numbers according to the sites that contribute data for their project. An SCC member can assist investigators with the appropriate numbers to cite. For example, if all sites contribute data to a project, the acknowledgement would read: "Data collection for this work was supported by a NCI-funded Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium co-operative agreement (U01CA63740, U01CA86076, U01CA86082, U01CA63736, U01CA70013, U01CA69976, U01CA63731, U01CA70040)."

Diana L. Miglioretti
Group Health

Tracy Onega
Dartmouth Medical School

Gary Cutter
UAB School of Public Health

Berta M. Geller
University of Vermont

Karla M. Kerlikowske
U. California, San Francisco

Robert D. Rosenberg
University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center

Diana SM Buist
Group Health

Bonnie C. Yankaskas
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Acknowledging Cancer Registries

Manuscripts that use pooled data must cite the cancer registries that contributed data to the individual registries for their project. An SCC member can assist investigators with the appropriate registries to cite. As the full cancer registry citation text can exceed allowances by journals, authors may be interested in using the following(shorter) citation:

"The collection of cancer incidence data used in this study was supported in part by several state public health departments and cancer registries throughout the U.S. For a full description of these sources, please see:"

Acknowledging the BCSC and Investigators

The BCSC and investigators appreciate acknowledgement of efforts to collect and make available this valuable data resource. If journals will allow acknowledgements, the BCSC suggest the following two options in addition to listing grant numbers described above:

"We thank the BCSC investigators, participating mammography facilities, and radiologists for the data they have provided for this study. A list of the BCSC investigators and procedures for requesting BCSC data for research purposes are provided at:"


If one or more authors are BCSC members, the BCSC may be acknowledged at the end of the authorship list with the following: "Smith A, Jones B, ... for the Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium."

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Standard IRB Paragraph

Each registry and the SCC have received IRB approval for either active or passive consenting processes or a waiver of consent to enroll participants, link data, and perform analytic studies. All procedures are Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant and all registries and the SCC have received a Federal Certificate of Confidentiality and other protection for the identities of women, physicians, and facilities who are subjects of this research.

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