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Distribution of Key Variables

The following table provides links to the distributions of key variables by year collected in the BCSC.

Table Statistic
Women N Percent
Breast cancers N Percent
Exams N Percent
Indication for exam N Percent
Symptoms (self-reported) N Percent
Time since last mammogram N Percent
Time since last clinical breast exam N Percent
Any mammogram performed N Percent
Digital mammograms N Percent
Ultrasounds N Percent
Breast density N Percent
Radiologists N Percent
Facilities where mammograms were taken N Percent
Facilities where mammograms were read N Percent
Age N Percent
Race N Percent
Body mass index N Percent
Highest level of education completed N Percent
Menopause N Percent
Current hormone therapy use N Percent
Previous breast cancer N Percent
Family history of breast cancer N Percent
Ever given birth N Percent
Age at first birth N Percent
Age at menarche N Percent
Covered by Medicare N Percent
Covered by Medicaid N Percent
Covered by private insurance N Percent
Covered by managed care insurance N Percent

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