Methods & Software for Population-Based Cancer Statistics

Diagram of SRAB's Statistical Methods and Software for Population-based Cancer Statistics Incidence Mortality Delay Model SEER*Stat: Rates and Trends Prevalence SEER*Stat: Limited-Duration Prevalence JoinPoint: Trend Analysis DevCan: Lifetime Risk ComPrev - Complete Prevalence Survival SEER*Stat: Survival Estimates CanSurv: Survival Models Spatial Head-Bang ESTAT: Exploratory Spaital-Temporal Analysis SaTScan: Clusters ProjPrev - Projected Prevalence

The Statistical Research and Applications Branch (SRAB) has developed new statistical methods and associated software tools for the analysis and reporting of cancer statistics.

Different methods and software are available for calculating incidence, mortality, survival, prevalance, and spatial statistics.

SEER*Stat is statistical software for the analysis of SEER and other cancer-related databases. Methods associated with the reporting of basic cancer statistics are added directly to SEER*Stat. Methods involving complex modeling are developed as separate applications. Several applications can be used with SEER*Stat.

Statistical methods developed by SRAB are shown in the diagram. Click a section of the graphic or use the links in the text version to read a description of a statistical method and any associated software.


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11 Aug 2008
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