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Integration/Implementation (I2) Teams

Overview of Integration/Implementation (I2) Team Process

In May 2004, the NCI Executive Committee (EC), the central body for formulating NCI's strategic initiatives and priorities, began to form teams of individuals from across the Institute that would help with the integration and implementation of key scientific investment areas. The first three of these Integration/Implementation (I2) teams were established in the areas of imaging, bioinformatics, and lung cancer.

In May 2006, the lung cancer I2 team transitioned into the NCI Lung Cancer Program in the Office of the Director and in January 2007, the bioinformatics I2 team transitioned into an IT Program Review Board in the new NCI Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology (CBITT). A health disparities I2 Team was recently initiated and is currently in the process of developing a plan.

The I2 teams are considered advisory to the EC and are comprised of representatives from across NCI with a chair selected by the NCI senior management to lead the team. The I2 team activities are facilitated and coordinated by the Office of Science Planning and Assessment (OSPA).

The I2 team charge is to complement efforts in NCI's strategic priorities with the development of a resource management plan that takes into account current investments, future needs, scientific opportunity, and potential partnerships. Specifically, the teams are asked to accomplish:

Phase I: Integration plans

Phase II: Implementation of projects following approval by EC and funding by the senior leadership:

The I2 team model provides several advantages, notably it is an enterprise-wide strategic planning process rather than a program-focused planning activity. The plans integrate both extramural and intramural activities in a given scientific area and are designed to be transformational rather than incremental in contributing to progress. Finally, the process is built around measurable short-term and long-term goals that will be carefully monitored. Additional I2 teams may be formed for important cross-cutting, high-priority activities that will contribute to the NCI vision.

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