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NIDA For Teens Website NIDA For Teens
This site focuses on the science of drug abuse and addiction. Features include the latest research findings on drugs of abuse, personal stories from teens, publications, and activities for students.
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NIDA For Teens

NIDA Partners with Scholastic Magazines Scholastic Magazines
[Grades 5-11]
NIDA has teamed up with Scholastic, a leading provider of educational materials for children and teachers, to bring science-based information about drug abuse to millions of U.S. school children.
Scholastic Online
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Scholastic Magazines [All Audiences] is NIDA's main web site, created for researchers, scientists, parents, teachers, students and the general public. This site includes the links found on the NIDA Goes Back to School site along with hundreds of other pages of information about drug abuse and addiction research. Online

InfoFacts Fact Sheets
[All Audiences]
Public information fact sheets containing current, science based information on drugs of abuse, including the health consequences of specific drugs as well as trends in use, prevention and treatment.
InfoFacts Online

NIDA Notes
[All Audiences]
Check out NIDA's bimonthly newsletter, NIDA NOTES,
search the entire site for specific topics, take a look at recently issued press releases, learn about grants and funding opportunities in biomedical research, and much, much more.
NIDA Notes Online
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