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Image World 2 New DimensionsImage World2 New Dimensions - (IW2nd)

Award Date:12/21/2000
Expiration Date:12/20/2010

About the Image World2 New Dimensions Contract

Task Areas and Labor Categories

Arrow  Technical Functional Area 1

Arrow  Technical Functional Area 2

Arrow  Technical Functional Area 3

NITAAC Contacts

Arrow  NITAAC Image World2 nd Contacts are available to provide guidance and administrative support for the IW2nd contract.

IW2 nd Contractors

Arrow Image World2 nd has 24 Prime Contractors and more than 200 Sub-contractors available to provide document management and imaging systems products and services.
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Image World2 nd Guidelines: How to Use the Contract

Guidelines for placing Task Orders

Arrow Step 1 - Read the Guidelines for placing Task and Delivery Orders under the contract.

Task Order Process Documents

Arrow Step 2 - Customer submits the following documents to NITAAC.

    Arrow TORP Transmittal letter (PDF Format)(Word Format). Click here to review update.

    Arrow Statement of Work (PDF Format) (Word Format)

    Arrow Independent Government Cost Estimate - FFP

    Arrow Exception to Fair Opportunity justification, if applicable

Arrow Step 3 - NITAAC posts SOW to IW2nd Contractors.

    Arrow Posting Notice

Arrow Step 4 - IW2nd Prime Contractors submit proposal to Customer.

Arrow Step 5 - Customer submits SRDP Package to NITAAC. (PDF Format); (Word Format)

Arrow Step 6 - NITAAC reviews SRDP and sends approval letters to Customer.- Approval letter

Arrow Step 7 - Customer Places Order with Contractor- Recommended Format for Orders/Modifications

Arrow Step 8 - Customer forwards copy of the order to NITAAC.

Arrow Step 9 - Contractor obtains performance evaluation from Customer. (PDF Format); (Word Format)

Image World2 nd Original Contract and Contract Mods

Arrow Image World2 nd Original Contract

Arrow Master Mod I

Arrow Master Mod II  SF30

Arrow Master Mod III  SF30


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